Communicating your sustainability strategy

Planning to launch a healthy, sustainably-produced food product? Or to make your production processes more energy efficient? Do your clients come to you for consultancy about food-waste issues? Lisette de Jong tekst & advies (Text & Advice) helps you to communicate your sustainability commitment in a smart and strategic way; ensuring your products, services and technologies receive the attention they deserve.

From idea to implementation

I guide clients, all over the world, in developing and implementing their communication strategies, from concept to media presence. Ensuring that your message is coherent across all media, we work together supporting and strengthening corporate and brand image. I am happy to take on sub-projects, such as English text writing and editing, developing magazine formats and outlines, or media planning. Take a moment to look at my portfolio here.

Broad expertise

Lisette de Jong tekst & advies, based in Soest, the Netherlands, offers broad expertise, combining strategic, project management and editorial skills with an academic background in nutrition sciences. I have a profound understanding of corporate sustainability in agrifood and the challenges companies meet on what can be a difficult journey. I easily extract the key message from a story and have a well-informed sense of technical and political sensitivities.

Network of communication professionals

I work closely with English native speakers, copywriters, designers, photographers and experts in web design and construction and social media. Want to know more? Click here.

About Lisette de Jong

My personal ambition
In the past decade, I have spoken to many agrifood organizations who have committed to establishing true corporate sustainability. Again and again I am impressed by the entrepreneurship, energy and commitment that fuels the decisions they make. Sustainability is hard work: it means convincing people of your long-term vision while finding your organization’s balance between the 3Ps: People, Planet and Profit. I believe the ‘outside’ world should know the efforts your organization is making and that this should influence the buying choices they make.

Twenty years experience in agrifood communication
I have spent 20 years in the agrifood sector, as communications consultant, magazine manager and copywriter at two communications agencies, and then as editor of the Dutch professional journal Food Technology (VMT). Eight years ago I became an independent communications consultant and writer, with my own business – Lisette de Jong tekst & advies.

Academic background
In 1996, I graduated from Wageningen University with a degree in nutrition; five years later I became a Certified Senior Communications Advisor (Van der Hilst Education). Professional development remains key to my vision and, during the last 15 years, I have completed many courses and workshops at the University of Utrecht, the Utrecht Centre of Arts (UCK) and Tekstnet (The leading Dutch association of professional writers). View my LinkedIn profile.